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Linda Lee in the Red Desert of Wyoming ready for the wild horses.

Creative Peaks, Inc. was formed in 2006 as a vehicle to display and share the work of Linda Lee Mirro and her husband John Mirro.  The photographs on this site are mostly the work of Linda Lee, although John, sometimes known as "Lensboy" for his contribution of carrying Linda Lee's equipment, has managed to sneak a few in  here and there.  From our location, high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we capitalize on the opportunity to explore and photograph the wonders of the western United States.  From time to time we venture east in our motorhome  and explore the beauty of the rest of the country.  Our goal is to capture the many wonders we see as we travel this great country and to share our work with family, friends, and visitors.

Linda Lee, Ted, and Katie prepare to venture out into the desert.

Linda Lee working with the mountain goats on Mount Evans, Colorado in the fall of 2006.

Linda Lee getting shots of the wild horses in the Red Desert of Wyoming.  (Note the pile of horse poop next to the tripod.  She'll put up with anything to get a good photo.)